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The Path To Spirituality Never really Ends……..

In my ministry, I practice what I call Holistic Theism. I developed (and am still developing) this approach after years of practicing Holistic and Spiritual Healing. In my view, there are three parts to every person;

  1. The Physical-this is your biological body, and all of it’s systems.
  2. The Mental-this is your thoughts, attitudes, opinions, moods, ability to reason, etc…
  3. The Spiritual-this is the part of you that makes you unique. It is your connection to your spirit, and your personal relationship to it. It is the inner-core of your being. It controls your emotions, feelings and all the other intangible things that make you you.
     All three of these aspects are subject to various maladies and injuries. a problem in any one of these effects the other two. True health and well-being is only achieved when all three aspects are in a state of homeostasis, or balance. You do this by attending to your body’s needs, and keeping it healthy, keeping your mind active, and directed towards positive things, rather than negative, and developing your spiritual awareness, and allowing it to guide you. All three must be functioning together for you to be ‘in-balance’. When you are off-balance, you don’t feel good, your attitudes can become negative, and you are not as happy as you should be.
     There are as many ways to achieve this balance as there are different kinds of people. It is my mission to guide those who seek my help, along whatever paths they need to go, and help them to achieve this balance.
     I do not adhere to any one religion. Religion and Spirituality are two different things. Spirituality is something inherent in every human from the moment of conception. Religion is man-made philosophy. God (or whatever you prefer to call your Higher Power, or spirit) does not belong to any religion.
     I’ll be writing more on all of these subjects in the future, so stick around.
Deus vobiscum.

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