The Path To Spirituality Never really Ends……..

The Path To Spirituality Never really Ends……… Advertisements

How To Find Your Higher Power

I am of the opinion that many people become atheists not because they actually believe that God does not exist in any form, but simply because they have been ‘turned-off’ from mainstream religions. This is a sad state of affairs, because you cannot be a whole person without some sense of spirituality. Atheism has nothing […]

A New Approach To Religion, Spirituality and Holistic Health

Our Ministry is a place where people of all spiritual beliefs can seek answers, and share fellowship. We are an inter-faith ministry that believes in accepting the rights of all to follow their own personal beliefs without interference. We strongly support the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. Our Doctrine […]

The Path To Spirituality Never really Ends……..

In my ministry, I practice what I call Holistic Theism. I developed (and am still developing) this approach after years of practicing Holistic and Spiritual Healing. In my view, there are three parts to every person; The Physical-this is your biological body, and all of it’s systems. The Mental-this is your thoughts, attitudes, opinions, moods, […]